Oral Hygiene Instructions


As soon as a child’s first tooth comes in it should be brushed by an adult.  Kids can start practicing brushing their teeth as early as age one with a non-fluoride toothpaste or water, but it is very important that an adult always help until they determine the child is doing an adequate job – this may sometimes be up until age 10 or 11!  Children should use toothpaste without fluoride until they are old enough to spit it out instead of swallowing it.  Brushing should be done 2 times every day for at least 2 minutes each time…it is a good idea to use a timer!


People often think flossing is for adults only, but actually sometimes kids need to floss, too!  It is common for kids to have spaces between their teeth but sometimes kids will have teeth that touch each other.  When teeth touch each other it is hard for a toothbrush to clean between them so it is necessary to floss between these teeth to keep cavities from growing!


It is important to drink lots of milk and to eat lots of fruits and vegetables!  Stay away from candy and sugary foods and drinks (like juice and sodas)…sugar and acid help the cavity bugs make holes in your teeth!

Remember your teeth have to last a long time so it is important to take care of them at home and to have them checked by the dentist regularly!!!