Payment Options

We are network providers from most insurance companies. Frankly, it is difficult to keep up with the ever changing insurance world. If we are not a network provider of your dental insurance, please ask our front staff to bring this to our attention so we can try to accommodate your families dental needs.

We are also a Medicaid provider. We do not want access to basic dental care to be an issue in our community so we are doing our part to provide this care in our office.

It is our pleasure to work with insurance companies on your behalf. However, it is not known exactly how much of your treatment will be covered by insurance until we submit the claim. You are responsible for your portion of your dental bill. We will estimate your portion (your co-pay) and ask for payment of that amount on the day of treatment unless other arrangements have been made. Once a claim is submitted, we will notify you of any under/over payments and make any adjustments for payment as needed. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

 In an effort to make dental care affordable for our community, Elizabethtown Family Dentistry is IN-NETWORK with most major insurance companies.

We also participate as an out-of-network provider for most all of the remaining insurance companies. The biggest difference is that you pay for treatment upfront, and the insurance company sends your insurance reimbursement directly to you. We have found that your preventative care like cleanings, check-ups, x-rays, and evaluations are still covered at 100%, just like in-network. If you do need to get dental work done, insurance companies will adjust their reimbursement levels so that your effective out of pocket expenses are only slightly higher.

We know dental expenses don’t always come at the most convenient time and that it can be tempting to delay important dental care, which can lead to worsening and more costly treatment needs down the road. As healthcare providers we are committed to providing options for everyone to get the important care needed! To help with this, we’ve partnered up with several companies to offer a variety of financing options.

We are in-network with the following insurances.

Our network provider insurance list changes often, please call and ask our front office staff if we can add your plan to our network!


Payment Plans

We offer several solutions to any “copays” you may have with, and especially without dental insurance. Dental insurance may not be an option through your employer, or it may not be an economical option if offered. Elizabethtown family dentistry has a plan for those who would like to participate, to decrease unknown/surprise costs that may arise with your dental healthcare. Most of us couldn’t take on a large added expense at any given time and this is how insurance companies make money. However, what if there was a plan you paid for monthly like conventional insurance, but you actually used the benefits no matter what! With our dental plan, you won’t pay large monthly fees “just in case” you need to use our insurance. You invest a monthly amount so you don’t have to worry as much about getting your regular oral health check ups including your cleanings and oral cancer screenings. This includes all needed xrays, with emergency visits included in the cost*, AND provides discounted treatment, should you need any dental work at any time in your life(which lets face it, we all will). Medical treatment and insurance is another situation, but dental insurance shouldn’t be as difficult. We respect our dental insurance companies by offering in network/contracted discounts for our patients, but we also feel strongly that everyone should have the opportunity to know all their options when it comes to dental care.